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So, just what can Glue do?

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Displays device status

Glue displays the status of your devices against various source systems, such as endpoint protection, vulnerability management, and patching, to identify security gaps and help focus your remediation efforts.

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Monitors trends

Glue tracks remediations and trends over time to help you reach maximum compliance.

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Provides dashboards

Glue provides customisable dashboards and reports that can surface and summarise data from other security systems your organisation uses.

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Tracks device ownership

Glue gives you operational awareness of the devices in your environment and helps track device ownership and active/inactive devices.

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Delivers up-to-date information

Glue maintains an up-to-date, accurate repository of information sourced from your existing management tools; within your organisation, all of your teams can use it as a self-service portal.

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Deploys on-premise or as an SaaS solution

Glue deploys easily on-premise or using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.


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